About Us

Hello & welcome to the website for mirthquakes laughter yoga , based here, in Hampshire, on Englands south coast.

My name is Diane & I’ve always been passionate about the restorative & healing power of groups and laughter. My first encounter with Laughter yoga was a while back now at a Glastonbury festival and once I retired from a professional background in Adult Mental Health decided to complete Laughter Yoga , leader & teacher training .

LY was co founded in 1995 by a Mumbai based GP and his wife, a yoga teacher , Madan & Madhura Kataria , They developed it in a Mumbai park experimenting with Laughter as a response to concerns that increasing numbers of patients were presenting with anxiety & depression related symptoms in his practice.

Laughter yoga is a unique exercise that combines mindful , gentle stretching , deep extended breathing, that’s the yoga part , and laughter exercises.

Dr Kataria was a huge fan of the growing body of testimonies & evidence of the power of laughter on health & healing.

However , our opportunities to have a proper belly laugh can be a rare & hit & miss affair so in LY we learn to laugh ….. on purpose …as a form of exercise.
I know, it sounds bonkers doesn’t it …. and it is !
Joy & playfulness often is & that’s the point. With our fast paced , demanding lives we often lose our ability to be playful & to laugh freely. Whatevers going on in our lives… we become more resilient.

So formal laughter clubs provide the opportunity to laugh in a safe & supportive way and all that’s required is a willingness to laugh intentionally which can soon become real … we literally ‘fake it before we make it ‘ .
Our bodies cannot tell the difference between what’s fake & what’s real so that means we still get the benefits of all the happy , disease & pain relieving chemicals we produce … regardless 😊

Proven benefits include:

Mental … confidence, mood lifting , clarity

Physical…immunity boost, more calories burned 10 mins laughing than 20 mins in the gym…pain management.

Social…interpersonal , social gel

Professional..focus, creativity, productivity,

Much compelling scientific data supports these & more benefits.
Increasingly, LY is being taken seriously by the medical & corporate world & increasingly practiced in thriving workplaces, schools, care settings & can also be practiced alone.

It is also practiced by community groups and on team building days.

There are literally thousands of laughter clubs around the world .

Laughter sessions at Portchester Community Centre,
Westlands Grove,
PO16 9AD
Saturday’s 10 to 11 am

Thank you for reading this far !

We look forward to laughing with you soon 😀